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S. RACHMANINOV - Songs - Sergej Koptchak, bass - Marian Lapsansky, piano

S. RACHMANINOV - Songs - Sergej Koptchak, bass - Marian Lapsansky, piano-Vocal and Piano-Songs
ID: UP0003 (EAN: 8594029810037)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 1998
Vocal and Piano
RACHMANINOV, Sergey Vasil'yevich
KOPTCHAK, Sergej (bass) | LAPSANSKY, Marian (piano)
RACHMANINOV, Sergey Vasil'yevich (1873-1943) 
1. 12 Songs, Op.21: No.10. Pred ikonoy (Before the Icon)3:50 
2. 15 Songs, Op.26: No.13. Vchera mi vstretilis' (When Yesterday we Met)2:50 
3. 12 Songs, Op.21: No.11. Ya ne prorok (No Prophet I)1:48 
4. No. 15. Prokhodit vsyo (All Things Pass By)2:15 
5. No. 2. Vsyo otnyal u menya (He Took All from Me)1:09 
6. 12 Songs, Op.14: No.12. Pora ('Tis time)1:35 
7. 6 Songs, Op.8: No.3. Duma (Brooding)3:52 
8. 15 Songs, Op.26: No.3. Mi otdokhnyom (We shall rest)2:37 
9. 14 Songs, Op.34: No.2. V dushe u kazhdogo iz nas (In the Soul of Each of Us)2:58 
10. 12 Songs, Op.21: No.8. Na smert' chizhika (On the death of a siskin)3:03 
11. 6 Songs, Op.4: No.1. O net, molyu, ne ukhodi (Oh no, I beg you, forsake me not)1:41 
12. 6 Songs, Op.8: No.5. Son (The Dream)1:14 
13. No.2. Nad svezhey mogiloy (By a fresh grave)2:12 
14. No.1. Sud'ba (Fate)7:11 
15. Pesnya razocharovannogo (Song of the Disillusioned)3:45 
16. 6 Songs, Op.4: No.2. Utro (Morning)2:30 
17. U vrat obiteli svyatoy (At the Gates of the Holy Abode)3:12 
18. 12 Songs, Op.14: No.4. Ya bil u ney (I was with Her)1:32 
19. 15 Songs, Op.26: No.6. Khristos voskres (Christ is Risen)3:09 
20. 12 Songs, Op.21: No.6. Otrivok iz A. Myusse (Fragment from A. Musset)2:11 


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