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Vladimir Vysotsky - Rebyata, napishite mne pis'mo (Guys write me a letter) - Chansons

Vladimir Vysotsky - Rebyata, napishite mne pis'mo (Guys write me a letter) - Chansons -Voice and Guitar-Chanson
ID: RCD26808 (EAN: 4600383268088)  | 1 CD | ADD
Ausgefolgt: 2022
Russian Compact Disc
Voice and Guitar
VYSOTSKY, Vladimir
VYSOTSKY, Vladimir
Andere Infos:

Vladimir Semyonovich VYSOTSKY , (1938 - 1980), was a Soviet singer-songwriter, poet, and actor, had an immense and enduring effect on Soviet culture. He became widely known for his unique singing style and for his lyrics, which featured social and political commentary in often humorous street-jargon. He was also a prominent stage- and screen-actor. Though the official Soviet cultural establishment largely ignored his work, he achieved remarkable[citation needed] fame during his lifetime, and to this day exerts significant influence on many of Russia's popular musicians and actors years after his death.

Live recording:
1963 (3, 5) ● 1964 (1, 2, 6, 14)
1965 (7- 13, 15 - 26, 29, 30, 32)
1966 (27, 28, 31, 33, 34) ● 1969 (4)
VYSOTSKY, Vladimir (1938-1980) 
1. Rebyata, napishite mne pis'mo (Guys write me a letter)1:54 
2. Pesnya o gospitale (Song about the hospital)1:04 
3. Yesli b vodka byla na odnogo (If there was vodka for one)2:06 
4. Nu vot, ischezla drozh' v rukakh…(Well, the trembling in the hands disappeared ...)2:11 
5. Vso pozadi - i KPZ KPZ (*kamera predvoritel'nogo zaklyucheniya), i sud…(Everything is behind - both the bullpen and the court ...)2:08 
6. Recidivist1:50 
7. Nam vchera prislali iz ruk von plokhuyu vest'…(We received some bad news yesterday...)1:17 
8. V kuski razletelasya korona…(Crown shattered into pieces...)1:17 
9. Mne rebyata skazali pro takuyu nakolku!2:18 
10. Katerina, Katya, Katerina…1:09 
11. Den' rozhdeniya leytenanta militsii v restorane "Berlin" (Birthday of a police lieutenant in the restaurant "Berlin")1:52 
12. Marsh studentov-fizikov (Physics Students March)2:40 
13. Pesnya o neytral'noy polose (No Man's Land Song)2:11 
14. Peredo mnoy lyuboy fakir - nu prosto karlik (In front of me is any fakir - well, just a dwarf)1:17 
15. To byla ne intrizhka…(It wasn't an affair...)1:24 
16. Ona vo dvor - on so dvora (She is in the yard - he is from the yard)1:55 
17. Poputchik (Companion)2:24 
18. Bratskiye mogily (Mass graves)1:13 
19. Soldaty gruppy "Tsentr" (Soldiers of the "Center" group)1:30 
20. Vysota (Altitude)1:28 
21. Syt ya po gorlo, do podborodka (I'm fed up, up to my chin)0:56 
22. Moy drug uyekhal v Magadan… (posv. I.Kokhanovskiy) / (My friend went to Magadan... (dedicated by I. Kokhanovsky))2:14 
23. Pered vyyezdom v zagranku (Before going abroad)2:01 
24. V kholoda, v kholoda (In the cold, in the cold)1:53 
25. Pesnya o sumasshedshem dome (Song of the crazy house)2:00 
26. Yest' na zemle predostatochno ras (There are plenty of races on earth)1:35 
27. Pesenka-skazka o nechisti (Song-tale about evil spirits)2:48 
28. Pesnya-skazka o starom dome na Novom Arbate (muzyka: M.Tariverdiyev) / (Song-tale about an old house on Novy Arbat (music by M.Tariverdiev))2:22 
29. Pesnya o kon'kobezhtse na korotkiye distantsii, kotorogo zastavili bezhat' na dlinnuyu (A song about a short distance skater who was forced to run a long distance)2:31 
30. Pesnya studentov-arkheologov (Song of Archaeological Students)1:30 
31. Pesnya o sentimental'nom boksere (The Sentimental Boxer Song)1:31 
32. Dayte sobakam myasa (Give the dogs meat)1:43 
33. O vkusakh ne sporyat (Tastes could not be discussed)2:19 
34. Kazhdomu khochetsya malost' pogret'sya… (Everyone wants to warm up a little...)1:24 
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