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Der Erste Bank von Klangforum Wien, 2002 - 2007

Der Erste Bank von Klangforum Wien, 2002 - 2007
ID: KAI0012852
CDs: 6
Type: CD
Subcollection: Voices and Orchestra

CD 1:
Composer: Johannes Maria Staud
Performens: Thomas Larcher, piano / Petra Hoffmann, soprano / Ernesto Molinari, bass-clarinet / Marino Formenti, piano / Klangforum Wien / Radio Symphonieorchester Wien / Conductors: Bertrand de Billy / Emilio Pomarico / Sylvain Cambreling
CD 2:
Composer: Clemens Gadenstatter
Performens: Klangforum Wien - Marc Foster, conductor / Florian Müller, piano
CD 3:
Composer: Wolfram Schurig
Performens: Ernesto Molinari, bass-clarinet / Annette Bik, violin / Klangforum Wien - Conductor: Beat Furrer, Emilio Pomarico, Sylvain Cambreling
CD 4:
Composer: Wolfgang Mitterer
Performens: Klangforum Wien - Conductor: Peter Rundel / Wolfgang Mitterer, organ
CD 5:
Composer: Bernhard Gander
Performens: Klangforum Wien - Conductor: Emilio Pomarico, Sylvain Cambreling , Johannes Kalitzke / Krassimir Sterev, accordion / Hsin-Huei Huang, piano
CD 6:
Composer: Klaus Lang
Performens: Klangforum Wien - Conductor: Johannes Kalitzke
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Sergei Lemeshev, tenor - Box Vol. 7 - RECITALS 1954 - 1964

Sergei Lemeshev, tenor - Box Vol. 7  - RECITALS 1954 - 1964
ID: AQVR400-2
CDs: 8
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Recital
Subcollection: Vocal and Piano

CD1: AQVR 400A-2: The concert from the Columned Hall of the House of Unions 2nd March 1954
Presenters: V. Solovyeva (1-13), A. Yablochkina (18, 23)
Piano: S. Stuchevsky (1-13), A. Makarov (14, 15), N. Walter (16, 17), unknown (19-22)

CD2-3: AQVR 400BC-2: Concerts from the Great Hall of the Leningrad Philharmonic
Concert from 19th December 1954
CD2: Vera Kudryavtseva, soprano (11-16), Simeon Stuchevsky - piano
CD2: Vera Kudryavtseva, soprano (1, 2), Piano - Simeon Stuchevsky (1-17), Eugeny Lebedev (18-23)

CD4-5: AQVR 400DE-2: Concert from January 13th 1956 / Concert from April 9th 1956 / Concert from November 23rd 1963

CD4: Piano - Olga Tomina , piano / Presentor - Mikhail Balaksheev (1-13)
CD5 Vera Kudryavtseva, soprano (4, 5), Zara Dolukhanova, mezzo-soprano (22)
Piano: Olga Tomina (1-3), David Lerner (4-18), Natalya Rassudova (19-21)
Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, 17th December 1973 (19-21)
Radio broadcast, 4th December 1973 (22) /
Presentors: Mikhail Balaksheev (4-18), Elena Dulova (22):

CD6: AQVR 400F-2:Concert from the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory 12th April 1964
Piano - David Lerner (1-19), presenter - Mikhail Balaksheev (1-18)
Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, 24th December 1961 (19)
Radio broadcast, 5th March 1974 (20)

CD7-8: AQVR 400GH-2
CD7: Piano - Naum Walter. Recorded in 1962
CD8: Vera Kudryavtseva, soprano (24)
Piano - Naum Walter (1-9), Berta Kozel (10-24)
Recorded in 1962 (1-9), 1963 (10-24)

The main contents of Volume 7 is comprised of the concerts recorded in 1954 - 1964. In this sense, the volume represents a continuation of the preceding volume, which included the concerts recorded in 1943 - 1954. Volume 7 contains a total of seven concerts. To note, one album is dedicated specifically to the concerts in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). An additional album (CDs 7 and 8) includes the latest cycles of the radio studio recordings in 1962 - 1963 (romances by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff). We considered it very important to publish these cycles all together under one cover for the first time ever. Besides, taking into consideration the records issued in 1960s, it is worth mentioning that the Nighttime romance (Notch) on the verses by Y. Polonsky has never been published for some reason.
Additions to the concerts deserve special attention. A unique, never known before recording by Lemeshev made at the birthday of Olga L. Knipper-Chekhova is being presented for the first time ever. This is not a well know recording by Lemeshev and Kozlovsky, in which they congratulate Olga Leonardovna on the 50th anniversary of the Moscow Art Theatre (MKhT). On this recording, we can hear how Lemeshev sings several romances and songs to Knipper-Chekhova, and, besides, announces his numbers himself (!). The appearance of Lemeshev himself is being announced by Alexandra A. Yablochkina, the patriarch actress of the Maly Theatre and the then Chairwoman of the Russian Theatre Society (VTO). After Lemeshev’s appearance and in conclusion of the evening, Angelina O. Stepanova, the MKhT patriarch actress, reads aloud the letter from Knipper-Chekhova.
In addition, one can listen to four more excellent recordings on this disc from the Moscow radio studio stock. These are the romances recorded in 1950, which have never been published before in our collection.
The next album called “Leningrad” includes, along with the concerts at the BZP, or the Grand Hall of the Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) Philarmonia, the rarest studio recordings being published for the first time ever. They were made on the Leningrad radio and were accompanied by the pianist E. Lebedev. Some other recordings were made together with S. Shaposhnikov (baritone). This small cycle of romances by Tchaikovsky, which was recorded in 1951, attracts everybody not only by their interpretation, but also by the unique version of the Usnee ("Do Fall Asleep") on the verses by Merezhkovsky. Its studio version is known in this cycle only, although there were two more concert recordings in Moscow, which were both issued earlier by our company for the first time ever.
As a supplement to the concerts, disc 5 includes two songs by Robert Schumann. It is worth mentioning that songs by Schumann are completely absent in Leveshev’s discography. In this case, we provide a fragment of one of the latest concerts, the records of which have not been preserved in the radio studio stock, but they have been luckily recorded on a tape recorder from the direct radio broadcasting. The same happened to the Okhotnik (“The Hunter”) by E. Grieg, a very rare song in Lemeshev’s repertoire. Also, in this disc and in the one that follows, we included two interviews with Lemeshev on the following subjects: “From the Song to the Opera” and “About the folk song in the Opera”. M. Nikiforov
Translated by: Dr. S. Balyakin ©, 2016, Orange County, CA, USA
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