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Maestro Vladimir Spivakov - J.S. Bach - Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra

Maestro Vladimir Spivakov  - J.S. Bach - Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
ID: MELCD1002301
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Voices and Orchestra

For the anniversary of maestro Vladimir Spivakov, Firma Melodiya presents a unique, previously unreleased recording of the Moscow Virtuosi chamber orchestra made on 28 December 1988 in the Big Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

From the first years of their existence, the Moscow Virtuosi, founded by Vladimir Spivakov, lived up to the highest standards of mastery on both domestic and global scales. It was a genuine 'orchestra of soloists' comprising prize-winners of domestic and international competitions, concertmasters of the best orchestras of Moscow many of whom could count on a brilliant solo career.

Although the Virtuosi spent a lot of time in the studio, it is the orchestra’s concert recordings that convey the atmosphere of a living, inspired contact with the audience.

The charitable activities Vladimir Spivakov has been involved in for many years now are evidence of his great human responsiveness, his desire to support talented children and his empathy for people’s suffering. The pre-New Year concert of 1988 was a fundraising event to benefit the Armenian children who suffered in the earthquake.

The concert, comprising music of Johann Sebastian Bach, featured other prominent musicians as well - Mikhail Pletnev, Araxia Davtian, an Honoured Artist of the Armenian SSR, and Bernard Soustrot, a world renowned French trumpeter. However, Adagio from the Easter Oratorio for oboe and orchestra performed instead of an encore by Alexei Utkin, an oboist and future founder of the Hermitage Ensemble, was a genuine climax of the event. The music reflecting upon passions of Christ’s earthly life sounded like a requiem for the tens of thousands of people who were buried alive in Spitak and Leninakan.

J.S. Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, BWV1048
Cantata BWV51 'Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen'

Araxia Davtian (soprano) & Bernard Soustrot (trumpet)

Easter Oratorio, BWV249: Adagio (sinfonia)encore (presented by V. Spivakov)
Alexei Utkin (oboe)

Keyboard Concerto No. 1 in D minor, BWV1052
Mikhail Pletnev (piano)

Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV1068
Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra - Vladimir Spivakov
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Mozart - Don Giovanni (complete opera)

Mozart - Don Giovanni (complete opera)
ID: OPD7080
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opéra

Live performance, Rome, May 12, 1970. Features original artwork by Rafal Olbinski, re-mastered sound, and 76-page booklet with historic photos. Complete Italian-English libretto newly translated for this release, with an extensive essay on the history and interpretation of the opera. Don Giovanni is commonly considered Mozart’s finest opera, and is often nominated by connoisseurs as the greatest of all operas. The music is of the highest quality throughout; there is hardly a number from beginning to end that is not memorable in some way. And although there are facets of the story that have sparked ongoing controversy, the wide spectrum of its humanity is paramount.
Featured Artists Nicolai Ghiaurov, Gundula Janowitz, Alfredo Kraus, Sena Jurinac, Sesto Bruscantini: vocal soloists RAI Symphony Orchestra & Chorus of Rome Carlo Maria Giulini: conductor
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P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY - The Maid of Orleans - Opera in four acts (six scenes) - Sofia Preobrazhenskaya, mezzo-soprano. Vol. 5

P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY - The Maid of Orleans - Opera in four acts (six scenes) - Sofia Preobrazhenskaya, mezzo-soprano. Vol. 5
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Opera & Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Voices and Orchestra

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It was composed during 1878-1879 to a Russian libretto by the composer, based on several sources: Friedrich Schiller’s The Maid of Orleans as translated by Vasily Zhukovsky; Jules Barbier’s Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc); Auguste Mermet’s libretto for his own opera.

Joan of Arc - Sofia Preobrazhenskaya, mezzo-soprano
Thibaut d'Arc, Joan's father - Ivan Yashugin, bass
King Charles VII. - Vitaly Kilchevsky, tenor
The Cardinal - Nicolai Konstantinov, bass
Dunois, a French knight - Vitali Runovsky, bariton
Agnes Sorel - Odilia Kashevarova, soprano
Lionel, a Burgundian knight - Lipa Solomiak, bariton
Raymond, Joan's betrothed - Vladimir Ulianov, tenor

Bertrand, a peasant - I. Shashkov, bass
Ministrel - N. Grishanov, tenor
Lore - A. Martin, bass
Warrior - Z. Vodsinsky, bass
Angel - M. Merzhevskaya, soprano
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M.P. MUSSORGSKY - Khovanshchina - Music drama in five acts, Vol. 8 - Sofia Preobrazhenskaya, mezzo-soprano

M.P. MUSSORGSKY - Khovanshchina - Music drama in five acts, Vol. 8  - Sofia Preobrazhenskaya, mezzo-soprano
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Opera & Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Voices and Orchestra

Prince Ivan Khovansky, head of the Streltsy -B.Freidkov, bass
Prince Andrey Khovansky, his son - I. Nechayev, tenor
Prince Vasily Golitsin - V. Ulianov, tenor
Boyar Fyodor Shaklovity - I. Shashkov, baritone
Dosifey, head of the schismatics (Old Believers) - M. Reisen, bass
Marfa, a schismatic - Sofia Preobrazhenskaya, mezzo-soprano
Susanna, an old schismatic - N. Several, soprano
Junior clerk - Ya. Mishchenko, tenor
Varsonofyev, a retainer of Golitsin - i. Yashugin, bass
Emma, a maiden from the German quarter - V.Volokitina, soprano
Kuzka, a strelets (musketeer) - L. Yaroshenko, baritone
Boyar Streshnev - V. Tikhy, tenor
The streltsy - A. Atlantov, I,Yashugin
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Facing Goya - an opera in four acts composed by Michael Nyman with libretto by Victoria Hardie

Facing Goya - an opera in four acts composed by Michael Nyman with libretto by Victoria Hardie
ID: MNRCD121_122
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opéra

Track Listing:
Act 1
Prelude/Dogs drowning in sand
How do I know you know?
Leonardo says
The size of the brain
Weigh the brain

Act 2
The theory of proportions
Stand up and be counted
Measure my body
Goya’s snub nose
And Goya cried

Act 3
Where is Goya?
The sequence of the gene
A man impaled
The risky gene
Brilliant body
Take its DNA
Give me Goya’s skull
Tortured prisoner

Act 4
That day decided
We’ve cracked the genome
I wanted rid of it
And cloning is here to stay
How can you be so stupid?
Forgive me

Box Set includes Full Libretto and extensive booklet notes.

This three cd digipack and booklet box set includes a free bonus cd containing selections from Michael’s two other operas available on MN Records, Man and Boy: Dada and Love Counts

Facing Goya puts science on the cultural stage through the music of Michael Nyman and the inspiration of one of the world’s greatest painters.

Facing Goya is a taut thriller that follows one woman’s passionate search for the 18th Century Spanish artist Goya’s missing skull. Her journey takes us into the dangerous world of racial stereotyping, gene therapy, cloning and humankind’s follies as seen through Goya’s paintings, etchings and captions. The idea for the opera arose from Michael Nyman’s fascination with the insidious study of craniometry that developed in the 1870s. Goya was regarded as one of the greatest painters of his time. Buried in Bordeaux, legend has it that he asked friends to ensure his head was removed prior to burial to prevent the early craniometrists and researchers of eugenics from getting hold of his brain.

“Facing Goya asks the question ‘if Goya’s skull was found, and if indeed, Goya was cloned, what would happen?’”
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Michael Nyman - An opera in two acts (Libretto by Michael Hastings)

Michael Nyman - An opera in two acts (Libretto by Michael Hastings)
ID: MNRCD111_112
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opéra

The tenth release on MN Records, and the second opera recording for the label, Love Counts is a love story between the unlikeliest of couples: Avril, a lecturer in mathematics at a major college who has divorced a man who physically abused her, and Patsy, a middle-weight fighter at the end of his career who cannot read or recognise numbers.

Michael Nyman uses Riemenschneider's collection of 371 Bach chorale harmonisations to help Patsy find his voice - they are harmonically fragmented, sped up, slowed down, overlaid with themselves. Just as Dr P, the Alzheimer's suffering protagonist of Nyman's The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, has 'his' Schumann, so, in Love Counts, Patsy, a parallel sufferer, has 'his' Bach.

Award-winning writer Michael Hastings had previously worked with Nyman on the libretto for the opera Man and Boy: Dada, also available on MN Records.

Love Counts was commissioned by the Badisches Staatstheater, Karlesruhe, Germany and first performed there on 12th March 2005, directed by Robert Tannenbaum. This is a recording of the Almeida Theatre (London) production of Love Counts where it was performed in July 2006 by the Michael Nyman Band, bass baritone Andrew Slater and soprano Helen Williams, designed by Peter McKintosh and directed by Lindsay Posner.
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ID: SN8800
CDs: 3
Opera & Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Voices and Orchestra

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R. Strauss - Der Rosenkavalier, Opera, Op. 59

R. Strauss - Der Rosenkavalier, Opera, Op. 59
ID: GFO01065
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opéra

Recorded live at Glyndebourne on 30 May 1965.
Includes 3 discs in a 175 page hard-bound book.

This recording of Der Rosenkavalier captures the intimacy of the Glyndebourne opera house preserving what is, without doubt, an engrossing performance with notable contributions from key soloists at poignant stages of their careers.
This 1965 production, first staged by Glyndebourne in 1959, was not without its casting complications. Baron Ochs was to be Manfred Jungwirth but only sang two performances due to ill health and was replaced by Otto Edelmann.
Miss Caballé was ill for the first week of rehearsals and Edith Mathis arrived at Glyndebourne announcing that she was pregnant and was not be able to sing her August performances.
Many considered Der Rosenkavalier too big a production for Glyndebourne’s intimate house. Artistic director Carl Ebert, and conductor Fritz Busch, had entertained the possibility of mounting Der Rosenkavalier pre-war, using Strauss’ own reduced orchestral version but by 1959 the volume of the theatre had been increased considerably, and this production, was hailed as one of his finest achievements, in what was Ebert’s final year at Glyndebourne.
The recording captures a stellar cast. Not only is this Caballé’s sole recording as the Marschallin on disc but preserves her Glyndebourne debut, in the same year also singing the role of the Countess in Le nozze de Figaro. The Finanical Times observed: ‘‘First praise should perhaps go to the Marschallin of Montserrat Caballé... a beautiful voice... And an eloquent presence. The role lived in her.’’ Edith Mathis as Sophie was her second appearance at the Festival, the New Statesman lauding her role as ‘‘my own favourite is Edith Mathis’ wonderfully fresh Sophie’’.

Montserrat Caballé (Die Marschallin), Teresa Żylis-Gara (Octavian), Otto Edelmann (Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau), Edith Mathis (Sophie), David Hughes (Valzacchi), John Andrew (A Singer) & John Modenos (Herr von Faninal)

The London Philharmonic Orchestra, John Pritchard

Track list:
CD: 1
Der Rosenkavalier, opera, Op. 59 (TrV 227)
1. Act 1. Einleitung
2. Act 1. Wie du warst! Wie du bost!
3. Act 1. Du bist mein Bub', du bist mein Schatz!
4. Act 1. Der Feldmarschall sitzt im crovatischen Wald
5. Act 1. Quinquin, es ist ein Besuch
6. Act 1. Selbstverständlich empfängt mich Ihro Gnaden
7. Act 1. Hat Sie schon einmal mit einem Kavalier
8. Act 1. Geben mir Euer Gnaden den Grasaff' da
9. Act 1. I komm glei... Drei arme, adelige Waisen
10. Act 1. Di rigori armato il seno
11. Act 1. Als Morgengabe - ganz separat im jedoch
12. Act 1. Mein lieber Hippolyte
13. Act 1. Da geht er hin, der aufgeblas'ne, schlechte Kerl
14. Act 1. Ach! du bist wieder da!
15. Act 1. Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar' Ding
16. Act 1. Mein schöner Schatz
17. Act 1. Ich werd' jetzt in die Kirchen geh'n
18. Act 1. Ich hab' ihn nicht einmal geküßt!
CD: 2
1. Act 2. Einleitung
2. Act 2. Ein ernster Tag, ein großer Tag
3. Act 2. In dieser feierlichen Stunde der Prüfung
4. Act 2. Mir ist die Ehre widerfahren
5. Act 2. Ich kenn' Ihn schon recht wohl
6. Act 2. Jetzt aber kommt mein Herr Zukünftiger
7. Act 2. Brav, Faninal, Er weiß, was sich gehört
8. Act 2. Wird kommen über Nacht
9. Act 2. Hab' nichts dawider
10. Act 2. ...was Sie ist. Mit Ihren Augen voll Tränen
11. Act 2. Eh bien, Mamsell, was hat Sie mir zu sagen?
12. Act 2. Mord! Mord! Mein Blut, zu Hilfe!
13. Act 2. Er muß mich pardonieren
14. Act 2. Sie heirat' ihn!
15. Act 2. Da lieg' ich!
16. Act 2. Ohne mich, ohne mich jeder Tag dir so bang
17. Act 2. Herr Kavalier! Den morgigen Abend hätt'i frei
CD: 3
1. Act 3. Einleitung, Pantomime
2. Act 3. Hab'n Euer Gnaden noch weitre Befehle?
3. Act 3. Nein, nein, nein, nein! I trink kein Wein
4. Act 3. Die schöne Musi!
5. Act 3. Wie die Stund' hingeht
6. Act 3. Er ist es! Er ist ein Mann!
7. Act 3. Halt! Keiner rührt sich!
8. Act 3. Zur Stelle! Was wird von mir gewünscht?
9. Act 3. Sind desto eher im Klaren!
10. Act 3. Muß jetzt partout zu ihr!
11. Act 3. Bin von so viel Finesse charmiert
12. Act 3. Luopold wir geh'n!
13. Act 3. Eh bien, hat Sie kein freundlich' Wort für mich?
14. Act 3. Heut' oder Morgen oder
15. Act 3. Marie Theres'! Hab' mir's gelobt
16. Act 3. Ist ein Traum... Spür' nur dich
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Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro, K492

Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro, K492
ID: GFO00162
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opéra

Recorded live at Glyndebourne on 9 June 1962. A rare recording of a Glyndebourne signature piece from the 1962 Festival with a vintage cast.

3 discs in 300-page hard-bound book.

Mirella Freni (Susanna), Heinz Blankenburg (Figaro), Gabriel Bacquier (Il Conte), Leyla Gencer (La Contessa), Edith Mathis (Cherubino), Carlo Cava (Bartolo), Hugues Cuénod (Basilio), John Kentish (Curzio), Derick Davies (Antonio), Maria Zeri (Barbarina)

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & The Glyndebourne Chorus, Silvio Varviso

Product Description
Le nozze di Figaro has been Glyndebourne's `signature' opera since the company was founded in 1934. To the social satire of Beaumarchais's original play da Ponte added the sparkling bustle of Italian intrigue, and Mozart a miraculous, fizzing score whose music rings variations on the pains, pleasure and follies of the human heart. This recording of the 1962 Glyndebourne production features a vintage cast with Heinz Blankenburg in the title role, Mirella Freni as Susanna, who had made her international breakthrough at Glyndebourne the previous summer.
**Rare recording of a Glyndebourne signature piece from the 1962 Festival with a vintage cast. **Le nozze di Figaro opened the first Glyndebourne Festival in 1934 and continues to be one of the most performed works at Glyndebourne. **Libretto translated from original Italian into English, French and German. **Extensive accompanying booklet including a commissioned article about the opera and a synopsis in English, French and German. **3 discs in 300-page hard-bound book.

Track list:
Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), opera, K. 492
1. Overture
2. Act 1. No. 1. Duettino. Cinque... dieci... venti...
3. Act 1. Recitative. Cosa stai misurando
4. Act 1. No. 2. Duettino. Se a caso madama la notte ti chiama
5. Act 1. Recitative. Or bene; ascolta e taci!
6. Act 1. Recitative. Bravo, signore padrone!
7. Act 1. No. 3. Cavatina. Se vuol ballare, signor contino
8. Act 1. Recitative. Ed aspettaste il giorno fissato alle sue nozze
9. Act 1. No. 4. Aria. La vendetta, oh, la vendetta
10. Act 1. Recitative. Tutto ancor non ho perso
11. Act 1. No. 5. Duettino. Via, resti servita, madama brillante
12. Act 1. Recitative. Ah! Son perduto!
13. Act 1. Recitative. Susanna, il ciel vi salvi...
14. Act 1. No. 7. Trio. Cosa sento! Tosto andate
15. Act 1. Recitative. Basilio, in traccia tosto di Figaro volate
16. Act 1. No. 8. Chorus. Giovani liete, fiori spargete
17. Act 1. No. 9. Chorus. Giovani liete, fiori spargete
18. Act 1. Recitative. Evviva!
1. Act 2. No. 11. Cavatina. Porgi, amor
2. Act 2. Recitative. Vieni, cara Susanna
3. Act 2. Recitative. Quanto duolmi, Susanna
4. Act 2. No. 12. Canzona. Voi, che sapete
5. Act 2. Recitative. Bravo! Che bella voce!
6. Act 2. No. 13. Aria. Venite, inginocchiatevi
7. Act 2. Recitative. Quante buffonerie!
8. Act 2. No. 14. Trio. Susanna, or via sortite
9. Act 2. Recitative. Dunque, voi non aprite?
10. Act 2. No. 15. Duettino. Aprite, presto, aprite
11. Act 2. Recitative. Oh guarda il demonietta!
12. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Esci omai, garzon malnato
13. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Scene 9. Susanna!... Susanna!... Susanna!
14. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Scene 12. Voi signor, che giusto siete
1. Act 3. Recitative. Via, fatti core...
2. Act 3. Recitative. Ehi Susanna, ove vai?
3. Act 3. No. 19. Sextet. Riconosci in quest'amplesso
4. Act 3. Recitative. Eccovi, oh caro amico
5. Act 3. Recitative. Andiam, andiam, bel paggio
6. Act 3. Recitative. E Susanna non vien!...
7. Act 3. No. 20. Aria. Dove sono i bei momenti
8. Act 3. Recitative. Io vi dico, signor
9. Act 3. Recitative. Cosa mi narri!
10. Act 3. No. 21. Duettino. Sull'aria
11. Act 3. Recitative. Piegato è il foglio...
12. Act 3. No. 22. Chorus. Ricevete, o padroncina
13. Act 3. Recitative. Eh cospettaccio!
14. Act 3. Recitative. Signor... se trattenete tutte queste ragazze...
15. Act 3. No. 23. Finale. Ecco la marcia, andiamo!
16. Act 3. No. 23. Finale. Scene 14. Amanti costanti
17. Act 4. No. 24. Cavatina. L'ho perduta, me meschina!
18. Act 4. Recitative. Barbarina, cos'hai?
19. Act 4. Recitative. Madre! Figlio!
20. Act 4. Recitative. Presto, avvertiam Susanna
21. Act 4. Recitative. Ha i diavoli nel corpo!
22. Act 4. Recitative. Tutto è disposto
23. Act 4. No. 27. Aria. Aprite un po' quegli occhi
24. Act 4. Recitative. Signora, ella mi disse che Figaro verravi
25. Act 4. Recitative. Madama, voi tremate
26. Act 4. Recitative. Giunse alfin il momento...
27. Act 4. No. 28. Aria. Deh vieni, non tardar
28. Act 4. Recitative. Perfida! E in quella forma meco menti?
29. Act 4. No. 29. Finale. Pian pianin, le andrò più presso
30. Act 4. No. 29. Finale. Scene 12. Ecco qui la mia Susanna!
31. Act 4. No. 29. Finale. Scene 14. Non la trovo
32. Act 4. No. 29. Finale. Final Scene. Gente, gente, all'armi, all'armi!
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Britten - Peter Grimes, Opera, Op. 33

Britten - Peter Grimes, Opera, Op. 33
ID: GFO00800
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opéra

Recorded live at Glyndebourne in June, July and August 2000.
Includes 3 discs in a 80 page hard-bound book.

Glyndebourne’s association with the music of Benjamin Britten extends back to the early 1940s. Benjamin Britten and Glyndebourne’s then Chairman John Christie were not obvious colleagues. They had very little in common. Both were from very different backgrounds, John Christie being a recipient of the Military Cross while Britten spent World War World II years in the US as a conscientious objector. Glyndebourne staged the premiere of The Rape of Lucretia in 1946 and in the following year, the premiere of Albert Herring. After this premiere, Britten commented of Christie as “a mischievous, mad old man”. Britten wasn’t invited back, and 34 years of the Glyndebourne Festival elapsed until another of his operas Midsummer Night’s Dream was staged in 1981. Glyndebourne has gone onto acclaimed productions of The Turn of the Screw, Billy Budd, Owen Wingrave, Death in Venice, Albert Herring and this acclaimed Trevor Nunn production of Peter Grimes from 2000.

Peter Grimes premiered in London in 1945 and was the first of Britten’s operas to be a critical and popular success. This 2000 Glyndebourne production is no exception. The role of Peter Grimes is amongst the toughest company on disc, with a heritage laid down by Peter Pears and Jon Vickers. In this recording Anthony Dean Griffey has the lyricism of Peter Pears and the weight and size of voice of Jon Vickers and above all is totally convincing in entering the mental state of Grimes. Vivian Tierney is an authoritative Ellen Orford, compassionate yet lonely and vulnerable, and likewise utterly convincing.

Anthony Dean Griffey (Peter Grimes), Vivian Tierney (Ellen Orford), Steven Page (Captain Balstrode), Susan Gorton (Auntie), Camilla Tilling (First Niece), Linda Tuvas (Second Niece), John Graham-Hall (Bob Boles), Stafford Dean (Swallow), Jard van Nes (Mrs Sedley), Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke (The Rev Horace Adams), Christopher Maltman (Ned Keene), Michael Druiett (Hobson) & Michael Haughey (Dr Crabbe)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & The Glyndebourne Chorus, Mark Wigglesworth

Track list:
CD: 1
Peter Grimes, opera, Op. 33
1. Prologue. Peter Grimes!
2. Prologue. You sailed your boat round the coast
3. Prologue. Peter Grimes, I here advise you!
4. Prologue. The truth... the pity... and the truth
5. Prologue. Interlude 1 - Lento e tranquillo
6. Act 1. Scene 1. Oh, hang at open doors the net, the cork
7. Act 1. Scene 1. Hi! Give us a hand!
8. Act 1. Scene 1. I have to go from pub to pub
9. Act 1. Scene 1. Let her among you without fault
10. Act 1. Scene 1. Look, the storm cone!
11. Act 1. Scene 1. And do you prefer the storm?
12. Act 1. Scene 1. What harbour shelters peace
13. Act 1. Scene 1. Interlude 2 - Presto con fuoco
14. Act 1. Scene 2. Past time to close!
15. Act 1. Scene 2. We live and let live
16. Act 1. Scene 2. Have you heard? The cliff is down up by Grimes's hut
17. Act 1. Scene 2. Now the Great Bear and Pleiades
18. Act 1. Scene 2. Old Joe has gone fishing
19. Act 1. Scene 2. The bridge is down
CD: 2
1. Act 2. Interlude 3 - Allegro spiritoso
2. Act 2. Scene 1. Glitter of waves and glitter of sunlight
3. Act 2. Scene 1. Child you're not too young to know
4. Act 2. Scene 1. This unrelenting work
5. Act 2. Scene 1. Fool! To let it come to this!
6. Act 2. Scene 1. People! No! I will speak!
7. Act 2. Scene 1. We planned that their lives should have a new start
8. Act 2. Scene 1. Swallow! Shall we go and see Grimes in his hut?
9. Act 2. Scene 1. From the gutter
10. Act 2. Scene 2. Go there!
11. Act 2. Scene 2. Now! Now!
12. Act 2. Scene 2. Peter Grimes! Nobody here?
CD: 3
1. Act 3. Interlude 5 - Andante con moto e rubato
2. Act 3. Scene 1. Assign your prettiness to me
3. Act 3. Scene 1. Pah! Ahoy!
4. Act 3. Scene 1. Come along, Doctor!
5. Act 3. Scene 1. Embroidery in childhood was a luxury of idleness
6. Act 3. Scene 1. Mister Swallow!
7. Act 3. Scene 1. Who holds himself apart, lets his pride rise
8. Act 3. Scene 1. Interlude 6 - Lento
9. Act 3. Scene 2. Grimes! Grimes!
10. Act 3. Scene 2. Peter, we've come to take you home
11. Act 3. Scene 2. To those who pass, the Borough sounds betray
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