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Time for Marimba - Daniella Ganeva

Time for Marimba - Daniella Ganeva
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Instrumental

Signum Classics are proud to release Daniella Ganeva's debut disc on Signum Classics - Time for Marimba.

The marimba has its origins in Africa and by way of South America, it has developed into the modern western instrument we know today. Since the second world war it has developed a certain pre-eminence amongst the percussion resources from which contemporary composers can draw. Milhaud’s 1947 Concerto for Marimba and Vibraphone, one of the first works to demand of the player the now familiar four hammer technique, is a pivotal work in this respect.

Japan has a strong drumming tradition but other indigenous percussion instruments are limited to bells, cymbals and rattles of various sorts. The 1868 establishment of constitutional monarchy under the Meiji restoration opened up the country to the outside world, including that of western art music. Yet in the very post-war period which has seen the marimba’s ascendance, Japanese composers have tended to look away from the west and towards their traditional music and its instruments for their inspiration and means of expression.

This disc explores the 20th century Japanese repertoire for marimba including music by five pre-eminent post-war composers.

Additional percussion: Gary Kettel, Graham Instrall, Graham Cole, Gillian McDonagh; Simon Haram
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Sacred Bridges - Christian, Jewish and Muslim Psalms, The King's Singers with Sarband

Sacred Bridges - Christian, Jewish and Muslim Psalms, The King's Singers with Sarband
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Voices and Orchestra

Signum Classics are proud to release the King's Singers fifth disc on Signum; Sacred Bridges.
For thousands of years, the biblical Psalter has been the liturgical “heart” of the three main book religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Psalms announce the word of God and, simultaneously, contain the full range of human experience.

Jews, Christians and Muslims sing and listen to the same songs of lament and joy, confessions of sin, hymns of praise and adoration. In this project of the King’s Singers and Sarband, psalm settings by composers from three religions give an example of how psalms can be a source of spirituality, a political instrument, a link between tradition and modernity and, above all, a bridge connecting human beings.

Programme Idea and development - Dr. Vladimir Ivanoff

Sarband performs this program with different choirs and vocal ensembles, until now: King's Singers, RIAS Chamber Choir, Innovantiqua Ensemble, Chorakademie Dortmund.

The group’s name Sarband stems from the Persian and Arabic languages, and means an improvised connection of two parts within a musical suite. Vladimir Ivanoff founded the ensemble in 1986 and has been pursuing an archaeology of complex connections ever since: Above all, ‘Sarband’ endeavours to explore and demonstrate connections between the music-cultures of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Both sensitively and intensely Sarband celebrates the symbiotic relationship between Orient and Occident.

The continuous musical collaboration within the Ensemble ensures that a dialogue on equal terms is maintained. It is the exchange of practical musical experience between musicians from different cultures that make the performances of Sarband gripping, lively and utmost authentic.

Sarband’s unique repertoire has won them wide acclaim internationally. In the past two decades, the ensemble has performed at numerous international festivals and recorded 15 CDs.

Sarband’s musicians do not see their work as something sporadic but as a part of being and living. Just as religious, economic, cultural and political differences between Orient and Occident play a predominant role in today’s society, Sarband’s music endeavours to show that music has always served as communication in which people found reciprocal respect for each other and could easily contribute in the process of relating in the same way today. Uniting people around the world, offering mutual recognition towards each other, in other words: music as an example for peace.
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The Birth of Southall Bhangra [Box set]

The Birth of Southall Bhangra [Box set]
Disk: 4
Type: CD
Kolekce: World Music

This collectors' 4 CD boxset brings together 55 classic tracks that inspired the development of bhangra. Recorded in and around Southall between 1978 and 2000 by numerous popular bands it also includes the first analogue albums made by Premi and Heera. The word Bhangra originally described a type of folk dance and song performed by male groups in the Punjab. Today, Bhangra is global musical phenomena due to a gradual reinvention that took place in England between the mid-1960s and mid-1990s. The impact has been so profound, that it has influenced music produced in Mumbai - the music capital of India - and many Bollywood songs now incorporate British Bhangra rhythms and lyrics. This box set spotlights an era, one that was originally a fragmented music scene, and it highlights the legacy and lure of a variety of artists in the development of British music. A double CD includes original recordings by Bhujhangy, Sangeeta and Mohinder Kaur Bhamra, including special appearances from India stars K Deep and Hans Raj Hans. All tracks were produced and directed by Kuljit Bhamra who also plays tabla, dholak, percussion and keyboards. included are two original analogue albums made by Premi: Chhamak Jehi Mutiar and Heera: Jagh Wala Mela.
18.00 eur Buy

ANTHOLOGY of Belorussian Classical Music

ANTHOLOGY of Belorussian Classical Music
ID: MKM163
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Kolekce: World MusicPodkolekce: Orchestr

22.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

Performed by the Laureates of the Tchaikovsky First Competition (1958)

Performed by the Laureates of the Tchaikovsky First Competition (1958)
ID: SMCCD0003-4
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Violin

Place of recording: Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatoire
Date of recording: 1959

CD 1: Van Cliburn, piano (1st Prize), Liu Shi Kun, piano (2nd Prize)
CD 2: Valery Klimov, violin (1st Prize), Lev Vlasenko, piano (2nd Prize)
25.00 eur Buy

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