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Medieval Period, page 3

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ID: CDM0002-08-3
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Medieval PeriodSubkolektion: Ensemble

Canti di pellegrinaggio al Monte Serrato (XIV secolo)

Patrizia Bovi - canto, arpa, tamburello
Adolfo Broegg - liuto, salterio
Goffredo Degli Esposti - flauto con tamburo
Gabriele Russo - viella, ribeca, cornamusa
Koram Jablonko - viella
Ulrich Pfeifer - canto, ghironda
Alessandro Pascoli - canto
Alessandro Quarta - canto
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Songs of Peace and Consolation - Trigon Ensemble

Songs of Peace and Consolation - Trigon Ensemble
ID: ACDBE064-2
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Medieval PeriodSubkolektion: Vocal Ensemble

Gregorian Chant and Modern Devotion in the Low Countries

This CD is part of the project "Gregorian chant and Modern Devotion in the Low Countries" of the Key2 Singing foundation in cooperation with TRIGON, vocal ensemble for medieval spiritual music led by Margot Kalse. The project is a plea for the revival of this magnificent native spiritual music from the late Middle Ages. Unfortunately, this music is seldom performed, and even more rarely so by professional ensembles such as TRIGON. This cultural-historical heritage has been preserved in several Dutch and Belgian manuscripts, and some German ones, originating from monasteries and houses of the Sisters and Brethren of the Common Life, as the Modern Devotion movement is also known. Fortunately a number of these valuable medieval manuscripts have remained well preserved, following closure of the monasteries during the reformation.
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ID: CDM0026-13-2
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Medieval PeriodSubkolektion: Ensemble

Patrizia Bovi - voice, harp, straight trumpet in G
Adolfo Broegg - lute, gittern
Goffredo Degli Esposti - shawns, pipe & tabor, flute, double flute, bagpipe
Gabriele Russo - fiddle, bagpipe, straight trumpet in F
Leah Stuttard - harp
Olivier Marcaud - voice
Mauro Borgioni - voice
Simone Sorini - voice, cymbals
François Lazarevitch - bagpipes in G and D
Luigi Germini - straight trumpets in G anf F
Gabriele Miracle - nakers, tambourine
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ID: CDM00023-08
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Medieval PeriodSubkolektion: Ensemble

Un Fior Gentile. L'ars nova di magister Antonio Zacara da Teramo (ca. 1365-1416)

Patrizia Bovi - canto Superius, arpa
Adolfo Broegg - liuto
Goffredo Degli Esposti - zufolo & tamburo, organo portativo
Gabriele Russo - viola, ribecona
Mauro Borgioni - canto Tenor
Ulrich Pfeifer - canto Contratenor
Alessandro Quarta - canto Tenor
Simone Sorini - canto Contratenor
Guillermo Perez - organetto portativo
Isacco Colombo - bombarda
Luigi Germini - trombone
Mauro Morini - trombone
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Belladonna - Chanterai d’aquestz Trobadors (Let us sing of these Troubadours)

Belladonna - Chanterai d’aquestz Trobadors (Let us sing of these Troubadours)
ID: TAL90006
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Medieval Period

This recording reflects the many styles and themes of the twelfth and thirteenth century troubadors. As well as being about love, the lyrics also explore political and religious themes and can be tragic, humorous and satirical. The three musicians in the ensemble Belladonna have toured and taught throughout Europe. They specialise in the music of the twelfth to thirteenth centuries.
Ensemble Belladonna:
Miriam Andersén (Sweden) Gesang, Harfe, Löffel / voice, harp, spoons
Rebecca Bain (Canada) Gesang, Fidel, Glocke / voice, fiddle, bell
Susanne Ansorg (Germany) Fidel / vielle
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Les Haulz et les Bas - Ad modum tubae

Les Haulz et les Bas - Ad modum tubae
ID: TAL90007
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Medieval PeriodSubkolektion: Ensemble

Im mittelalterlichen Europa strebten Adel und Kirche ein Bild aus Macht und Stärke an und nichts konnte diesem Bild dienlicher sein als prächtige, glanzvolle Musik. Dichter lobten in Liedern und Gedichten die „laute Band“ des Mittelalters, die sich mit Businen, Schalmeien und Perkussion auf zahlreichen Abbildungen wiederfindet.

Typisch für das frühe Bläserensemble, aus dem später die „Alta capella“ des 15. Jahrhunderts entstand, sind die langen Trompeten, die noch heute in verschiedenen Ländern gespielt werden. Forschungen in jenen traditionellen Musikkulturen inspirierten LES HAULZ ET LES BAS zu diesem Programm, das den zeremoniellen Glanz und die festliche Tanzmusik jener Zeit wieder aufleben lässt.

Les haulz et les bas plays music of the alta capella, the 'loud' wind ensemble of the middle ages and Renaissance. The rediscovery and reconstruction of the music of the mediaeval civic and court wind bands has been one of the great musical detective stories of our times. The results of the ensemble's work has acheived international acclaim: they have won prizes at several international competitions and they are regularly present in Europe’s most prestigious Early Music Festivals. They regularly give lectures and workshops and have been guests of the Universities of Oxford, London and Manchester, the Royal Conservatory, The Hague and the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. The ensemble has produced a series of highly-acclaimed CDs.
Les haulz et les bas guarantees its audience an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. The ensemble offers a huge range of programmes from the 'classic' trio formation up to big-scale productions for larger venues and outdoor events.

Gesine Bänfer: Schalmei, Pommer, Dudelsack / shawm, bombard, bagpipes
Ian Harrison: Schalmei, Dudelsack / shawm, bagpipes
David Yacus & Christian Braun: Busine / buisine
Michael Metzler: Riq, Davul, Triangel, Glocken, Timpani / riq, davul, triangle, bells, tympani
Andrea Piccioni: Tamburello, Tammorra, Zymbeln / tambourine, tammorra, cymbals

This collection features music from the late Middle Ages using long straight trumpets, shawms, bagpipes and percussion. This type of ensemble came to Europe from the Far and Middle East, along the ancient trade routes. Les Haulz et les Bas is one of Europe’s most active alta capella ensembles. They have given lectures and masterclasses at the Universities of Oxford and London.
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Amours me fait desirer - Ensemble ALTA MUSICA

Amours me fait desirer - Ensemble ALTA MUSICA
ID: TAL90004
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Medieval PeriodSubkolektion: Ensemble

Der Wunsch nach unsterblicher Hingebung beseelte die höfischen Chansons der Trouvères in einer Vielzahl von Ballate, Rondeaus und Virelais des ausgehenden 14. Jahrhunderts.

Das international renommierte Ensemble ALTA MUSICA unter der Leitung von Rainer Böhm hat hier eine Liebesliedersammlung mit berückend schöner Musik zusammengestellt. Der prachtvolle, strahlende Klang des Ensembles ergibt sich dabei durch die „Alta Musica“-typische Besetzung mit Pommern und Schalmeien.

So entführt das Ensemble Alta Musica den Hörer in eine manchmal fast meditative, immer aber lyrische Welt der Liebe und Entsagung, die - wie in den Liedern von Machaut und Jehan Robert - trotz des Leids doch erfüllt ist vom lieblichen Gesang der Nachtigallen und vom betörenden Duft der Blumen.

ALTA MUSICA variiert die Besetzung auch gern nach den Wünschen der Veranstalter und den jeweiligen thematischen Erfordernissen, so dass vom Trio bis zum vollen Ensemble mit sechs Sängern und acht Instrumentalisten alles möglich ist.

Leitung: Rainer Böhm (Schalmei, Blockflöte), Dagmar Jaenicke (Pommer, Blockflöte), Petra Prieß (Fidel), Caroline Schneider (Schalmei, Alt), Thomas Voehringer-Kuhnt (Pommer), Antonia Biemer (Sopran)

Das Ensemble wird bei mehreren Programmen durch zusätzliche Sänger und Instrumentalisten erweitert, mit denen ALTA MUSICA regelmäßig zusammenarbeitet:

Miriam Fahnert (Sopran), Amy Green (Sopran, Harfe), Maria Köpcke (Sopran), Julia Meinecke (Sopran), Juliane Sprengel (Sopran), Anna Steigenberger (Sopran), Anja Schumacher (Alt), Markus Schuck (Tenor), Bernhard Meier (Posaune), Michael Metzler (Perkussion)
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Medieval Chant and Tallis Lamentations - Tenebrae Consort - Nigel Short

Medieval Chant and Tallis Lamentations - Tenebrae Consort - Nigel Short
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Choral Collection

Tenebrae Consort is an outstanding group of musicians, with singers hand-picked from the award winning chamber choir Tenebrae. Known for their instinctive ensemble skills, the singers and instrumentalists are directed from within the Consort by Nigel Short who leads the group to attain music making of the highest quality. Focussing on the repertoire originally written for consort performance, particularly early music, Tenebrae Consort aim to shed new interpretative light on works through the combination of both passion and precision, creating an intimate and unique concert experience. On this recording they explore classic works at the very heart of the Medieval and early-Renaissance British Choral Tradition.

Sheppard, J:
In manus tuas I
Respond for Compline in Passiontide
Lamentations of Jeremiah I & II
Plainchant: Hymn for Passiontide: Pange lingua gloriosi
Compline for Passiontide: Deus in adiutorium, Antiphon, Chapter: Respond, Hymn: Cultor dei memento, Versicle & Response, Antiphon, Preces
Respond: In monte Oliveti
Litany after Lauds for Maundy Thursday
Respond: Tristis est anima mea

Tenebrae Consort, Nigel Short
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ID: CDM0027-14-3
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Kolektion: Renaissance

Laude e musica sacra a Venezia e Firenze (secc. XIII-XVI)

Patrizia Bovi - canto, castagnette
Goffredo Degli Esposti - bombarda, flauto bicalamo
Gabriele Russo - viola, lira calabrese
Mauro Borgioni - canto
Luigi Germini - trombone, tromba a tiro
Gabriele Miracle - dolcimelo, tamburello, traccola
Enea Sorini - canto, triangolo, raganella
Simone Sorini - canto, liuto
Leah Stuttard - arpa con arpioni
Stefano Vezzani - cennamella

Laude e soni nelle feste religiose Aquilane (secc. XV-XVI)

Patrizia Bovi - canto
Goffredo Degli Esposti - zufolo & buttafuoco, zampogna, organo portativo
Gabriele Russo - viola, ribeca, lira da braccio, tromba dritta
Luca Dellacasa - canto e organo portativo
Peppe Frana - liuto e chitarrino
Enea Sorini - canto, percussioni

con la partecipazione di:
Luigi Germini - tromba dritta a tirarsi
Luca Piccioni - liuto rinascimentale
Katerina Ghannudi - arpa
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