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MUNSTER, Elly van - Interpreten

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Adieu vous di, Fortuna - Ars Nova of the Low Countries

Adieu vous di, Fortuna - Ars Nova of the Low Countries
ID: ACDHD026-2
CDs: 1
Type: SACD
Kolektion: Choral Collection

The ensemble Fortuna gives in a very special way a rebirthto the music from the 14th Century, and with that the way of thinking in that period, Absolutely a mustahave recording for those who loves the music of this period!

Adieu vous di - Ars Nova of the Low Countries
The 14th Century is a time of stark contrasts: waves of plague epidemics surge through Europe, France and England are fighting the Hundred Years War, and the Schism in the Catholic Church causes a crisis throughout all of Western Europe. Nonetheless, this is also a time of enormous cultural growth and development: the English philosopher Ockham lays the groundwork of nominalism, the Dutch Van Limburg brothers are painting their stunning miniatures for Les Tres Riches Heures, and the Italian writer Boccaccio is giving lectures in Florence about Dante’s Divina Commedia.
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London Love - Ensemble Rossignol

London Love - Ensemble Rossignol
ID: ACDBH050-2
CDs: 1
Type: SACD
Kolektion: Chamber MusicSubkolektion: Chamber Ensemble

Ensemble Rossignol, a leading recorder and theorbo ensemble, perform works from the master composers in the shadow of Hanel.

Pieces by Loeillet, Axel D. Ruoff, Babell, Bach, Geminiani and Handel himself all in celebration of the city that played host to Handel's music and became his creative home.

London was an exceptionally prosperous city in the 18th century, which was reflected by its lively musical society.Handel, a German by birth, played a dominant role in this. Although he travelled extensively, he spent most of his life in this city and was even officially made a British subject in 1727. Although he was primarily known for his brilliant operas and oratorios, with their treasure trove of splendid arias, he was also a composer of lovely and sophisticated chamber music works. At this time, composers from all different countries travelled to London in the hope of launching a successful career there. However, this proved a difficult venture indeed for most of them, as they remained firmly overshadowed by Handel.
Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, born in Ghent, moved to London in 1705 after he completed his studies. He started as principal oboist of the Queen’s Theatre and later at the Opera, making a name for himself as a virtuoso flute player. He was also known as the first composer of recorder music of renown in England and thanks to his efforts the instrument gained substantial popularity. John Walsh published his music in London under the name: John Loeillet of London.
The British composer William Babell spent his entire life in London. His work is strongly influenced by Handel, whom we can presume to have been one of his teachers. The exceptionally virtuoso ornamentation in the slow movements of his sonatas has been written out meticulously.
In the first half of the 18th century Handel enjoyed even greater fame than his contemporary Johann Sebastian Bach. Although both composers were born in 1685 within a distance shorter than 200 km of each other - Handel in Halle en Bach in Eisenach - the two never met. Bach’s solo sonatas for cello lend themselves exceptionally well to the theorbo.
The Italian violin prodigy Francesco Geminiani was born in Lucca. In 1714 he too left for London, where he gained a formidable reputation as a violinist and teacher of the violin. His best-known work is The Art of Playing on the Violin (1731), one of the earliest treatises on the technical aspects of the instrument. The aria What shall I do to show how much I love her from Purcell’s opera Dioclesian was originally set for flute and harpsichord.
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O Muse, comt nv voort -Dutch Songs of Love and Freedom (1550-1750): Duo Seraphim

O Muse, comt nv voort -Dutch Songs of Love and Freedom (1550-1750): Duo Seraphim
ID: ACDHJ040-2
CDs: 1
Type: SACD
Kolektion: BaroqueSubkolektion: Voices

This CD is an anthology of the Dutch contrafact and contains poetry set to music.
These are not original songs but texts written on already existing and well-known melodies. These songs are sometimes called contrafacts: contra: against or at, factum: written on an already existing melody. Between 1550 and 1750 this was a much loved and much practised genre in the Netherlands. Numerous songbooks appeared, booklets in pocket format which could be easily produced from your pocket when you wanted to sing. They contained the texts and the melodies to which they should be sung, with a tune reference: wyse, voys, stemme, vpden voix, op de wyse van etc. We have to retrace these melodies to be able to sing the songs. Fortunately some songbooks have survived with the tunes added in musical notation. A great many other melodies can be traced back to the international song repertoire of the period. Other sources are for instance lute tablatures, dance books, etc.

It is remarkable how many tunes originate from outside the Netherlands. Many are French, English or Italian; fewer are German and Spanish. These must have been popular - or at least known - in the Netherlands, beside the familiar Dutch tunes.

Including works by Jan vander Noot, Coornhert, Vallet, Jan van Hoot, Bredero, Camphuysen, Hooft & Weyerman
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