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Kartuli Musika • Music from Georgia by Nassidse, Loboda, Zinzadse

Kartuli Musika • Music from Georgia by Nassidse, Loboda, Zinzadse-Chamber Orchestra-Chamber Music
ID: GMCD7279 (EAN: 795754727920)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2005
Guild GmbH
Chamber Music
Chamber Orchestra
LOBODA, Igor | NASSIDSE, Sulchan | ZINZADSE, Sulchan
ALBRECHT, Tobias (bassoon) | CHAPELLE, Corinne (violin) | SATO-STILLER, Kozue (flute) | SULEIMAN, Alexander (violoncello)
Georgian Chamber Orchestra
Other info:

Sulchan Nassidse was a pianist, teacher of composition and, from 1962 onwards, a board member of the Georgian Orchestral Association. He ranks among the best-known Georgian composers. His creativity is expressed mainly through symphonic works, with compositions including three symphonies, two piano concertos, a violin concerto and two string quartets.

Nassidse composed his Chamber Symphony No. 3 in 1969, and dedicated it to the Georgian Chamber Orchestra. This work in one movement shows a fascinating intensity of expression and richness of tone colour, with its rapid changes of mood and a tonality suggestive of the Orient. The work tells a tale full of mysterious poetry and magic, in which an underlying mechanical menace and cries of anguish repeatedly break through to the surface. The conclusion remains open, unresolved and unclear. The soft dialogue between two solo violins suddenly falls silent. Nassidse’s unsurpassed feeling for tension and drama, coupled with a virtuosity of tonal expression which makes the highest possible demands upon the technical capabilities of stringed instruments, have produced a work in which the conventional symphonic framework is replaced by a linear, narrative structure.
IgorLoboda Our lives are multi-faceted. We experience a combination of passions, forces of nature, victories and defeats, love and hate. In this chaotic world, only one factor remains constant: time. Time moves on at a constant speed, and nothing or nobody can halt its progress.
Sulchan Fjodorowitsch Zinzadse, one of the most significant Georgian composers, began his musical career in the 1940s as a cellist with the Georgian State String Quartet. One of his earliest compositions, a collection of miniatures for string quartet based upon Georgian folk songs, was an immediate success. Although Zinzadse also composed a number of operas, ballets, symphonies and concertos, his compositions for string quartet and chamber orchestra remain his most significant works, and represent an important contribution to Georgian musical tradition. Zinzadse’s Miniatures for String Quartet (arranged for string orchestra by the composer himself) were written at various times in the composer’s career. They include transcriptions and arrangements of Georgian folk melodies, in which Zinzadse skilfully and impressively succeeds in transposing the contrasting nature of folk songs into the medium of the string quartet. Whether in lyrical pieces such as “Indi Mindi” and “Suliko”, the humorous “Zoli gamididgula” (the nagging wife), the highly effective “Satschidao” (a melody used to accompany sporting contests) or the “Mtskemsuri” (shepherds’ dance) - the composer has produced masterpieces which, whilst rich in tone colour, remain true to the simplicity of the folk tradition.
NASSIDSE, Sulchan (1927-1996) 
Chamber Symphony No. 3 
1. Andante - Allegro - Piu vivo - Maestoso17:49
LOBODA, Igor (b. 1956) 
Concert Ballade for Violin, Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra 
2. I. Largo - Allegro moderato7:28
3. II. Valse sostenuto molto5:09
4. III. Allegro agitato6:11
5. IV. Passacaglia - Andante sostenuto10:51
ZINZADSE, Sulchan (1925-1991) 
Miniatures for String Orchestra 
6. I. Indi Mindi (Allegro scherzando)1:51
7. II. Suliko (Andante)2:28
8. III. Satchidao (Allegro)2:07
9. IV. Simgera (Allegretto)2:28
10. V. Sazekwao (Vivo)1:09
11. VI. Chumroba (Molto moderato)1:16
12. VII. Mtskemsuri (Allegro)1:21
13. VIII. Gandagan (Allegro con fuoco)2:33
14. IX. Zoli gamididgula (Presto)1:39


Georgian orchestral music, like the music of other former Soviet and Eastern bloc countries, still tends to be regarded in the West as a special interest, supposedly less significant than better-known works of the European avant-garde and perhaps too fixated on nationalist folk elements to be considered sophisticated. Yet at least two of the works here challenge such prejudices and defy easy classifications. Sulchan Nassidse's brooding Chamber Symphony No. 3 may evoke Bartók or Shostakovich, yet at the same time certain passages show an acute awareness of more recent trends and may remind one of Górecki or late Penderecki. Igor Loboda's fully developed Concert Ballade for violin, cello and chamber orchestra admits lush harmonies and open tonality, both of which are very much in step with the times; but a sharp edge is maintained in his dissonant counterpoint, and the tension-filled duets between violinist Corinne Chapelle and cellist Alexander Suleiman sustain interest throughout. Only Sulchan Zinzadse's trite Miniatures for string orchestra stands apart, for the naïve scene painting and heavy reliance on folk tunes, à la Liszt or Enescu; few would give this banal suite the respect due to the first two pieces. The Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt, conducted by Markus Poschner, turns in concentrated and rugged performances, and Guild's sound quality is clear and vibrant. ˜ Blair Sanderson, All Music Guide


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