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The NURSERY - Sandra Lissenden, soprano - Katharine Durran, piano

The NURSERY - Sandra Lissenden, soprano - Katharine Durran, piano-Vocal and Piano-Vocal Collection
ID: MSVCD92039 (EAN: 5019148625896)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2000
Vocal Collection
Vocal and Piano
FRASER-SIMSON, Harold | GERMAN, Edward | MUSGRAVE, Thea | MUSSORGSKY, Modest Petrovich
DURRAN, Katharine (piano) | LISSENDEN, Sandra (soprano)
Other info:

In the days when serious composers wrote good music for children to play, sing or just to appreciate, many minor classics were penned. Mussorgsky's "The Nursery" is such and the British songs here, settings of masterpieces of prose by A A Milne and Kipling among others, are also of the highest standard, one or two having become ingrained in the memories of a generation.

Thea Musgrave (wds M. Lindsay):
"A Suite o' Bairnsangs":
The Man in the Moon
Willie Webster
A Child's Prayer at Night
The Cherry Tree
Harold Fraser-Simson (wds a a milne):
Halfway Down
The King's Breakfast
Bad Sir Brian
The Emperor's Rhyme
At the Zoo
The Christening
The Four Friends
Twice Times
Wind on the Hill
Buckingham Palace
If I were King
Lines and Squares
Market Square
Edward German (wds R Kipling):
When the Cabin Portholes
The First Friend
The Camel's Hump
I keep Six Honest Serving Men
There was never a Queen like Balkis
Rolling down to Rio
Modest Mussorgsky: "The Nursery":
With Nanny
In the Corner
The Beetle
With the Doll
Bedtime Prayer
Sailor the Cat
Riding the Hobbyhorse


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