Name: Sv.Vladimir's Apparition in Marienbad

ImagePainter: Nora Musatova

Art stream: Modern realism

Technik of original: Canvas, oil

Technik of replication: Paper simulating a canvas

Dimensions of original: 70 x 50 cm

Dimensions of replication: 15 x 10 cm     

Released: 2011

Price: 20 EUR

ID: RCD00001 (EAN: 4600383000015)


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About painter:
Nora Musatova studied at the Prague Academy of Music, Drama and Fine Arts, College of Applied Arts (VŠ UMPRUM) and the Academy of Arts. She was born in Prague in 1931 to a Russian family with a long and distinguished tradition in art. This tradition was passed on from her grandfather, A.J. Musatov, a well known painter of icons in the tsarist Russia to her father, Grigori Musatov (1889 - 1941), a distinguished member of the most respected art club in Prague, the Umelecka beseda. Her father is ranked with the outstanding creators of the modern art in the first Republic. He is also represented in private and public world collections as well as in the Prague National Gallery. In 1979 Nora Musatova had a joint exhibit with Marc Chagall in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The coup of 1989 gave her the freedom to exhibit, which she did, in Prague, in Switzerland, in Germany, in London and five more times in the United States. The range of her topics and painting techniques is very broad, from the classical oil to pen-and-ink drawings, watercolours and illustrations. In 1991 she created 250 illustrations to the Czech Children’s Bible. In the early 70’s she single-handedly resurrected the long forgotten method of the reverse glass painting and enhanced it with her own, secret, techniques of creating three-dimensional impressions. In her art are reflected memories of her childhood, her love of music and theater, which create a story segment, in its own way very characteristic, harmonizing and consolidated. Her works reflect the real world, where one observes a child-like purity and fantasy. A special role is given to the colour composition, creating with pen and brush what may be best described as music. The moods and associations bound to the memories of wonderful and carefree childhood interlace with her favored subjects of circus and fairy tales. Her subjects are often clowns, acrobats, circus riders and musicians; the weightless figures are floating in space reflecting energy and magic light, where smiles and tears reach a delicate balance between comedy and tragedy. Devils, townsmen, wretched gigolos, pierrot …. all are floating as in fairy tale in a glass picture of reality. In all her works we find the whole range of all possible feelings and perceptions represented harmoniously side by side, complementing the overall rich ambiance of her art.

About picture:
Colonel of the tsarist army Rykovsky, going back home from the World Fair in Paris, 1900, made a stop in Marienbad (Marianske Lazne) for medical treatment. The treatment was a great success, and the colonel made up his mind to commemorate the miraculous event. Being influenced by the victory of the Russian architecture in Paris, the colonel decided to thank Marienbad for his recovery. Recollection of the Fair was powerful - Europe was amazed to see the most beautiful enamel-faience icon stand by Russian artisans from Kuznetsovo village, Tver region. The unsurpassed masterpiece of Russian art contained over 9 kg of gold and cobalt. It was properly awarded Grand Prix de France. The last day of his treatment colonel Rykovsky saw a prophetic dream: no other than St.Vladimir told him to pay homage to the temple being built in the town of his miraculous recovery. The colonel was awaken from his prophetic dream by sweet smell of a rose bush under his window. The day before the bush was green and not blooming. The colonel thanked the sky for the sign, made a rich contribution to buy the magnificent icon stand and presented it to St.Vladimir’s temple in Marienbad. The picture shows colonel Rykovsky being persuaded by St.Vladimir to make a precious gift to St.Vladimir’s temple in Marienbad. A viewer together with the congregation finds oneself right in the middle of the event, moving down the steps of the temple and singing with choristers “Glory to God, glory to You”
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