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Throat Singing

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Disk: 1
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Folk Music

Folk-Rock, Tuva, throat singing

"GEN-DOS" project is a combination of different styles of throat singing,
ancient Tuvan shamans traditions with modern rock & electronic music.
Gennady Chamzyryn (group leader) is a real hereditary shaman, performs all
styles of the Tuvan throat singing ("sygyt", "khoomei" & "kargyraa").
This exclusive material for the first time after legendary group " Yat-Kha "
in which, the bass player of the project, by the way, played, represents
synthesis of the Tuvian folk music with rock and alternative electronic. The
album is very bright and interesting. There is a lot of guitar, a bass,
keyboard sound in the album & sometimes it comes to the trance-like grooves.
But Tuvan tradition here nevertheless is playing a great part, just like
in art of many overs folk-oriented groups from Tuva. Though the producer of an album Alexander

Medvedev is Russian, he lives and works in Kyzyl (Tuva capital) & makes all he can to represent the modern sound of Tuvan music on the base of it`s deep rooted traditions. We hope that behind album
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TANDALAI "Erdine" - Woman voice of Altay

 TANDALAI "Erdine"  - Woman voice of Altay
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Throat SingingPodkolekce: Ethno

Ethno, Altay - Woman throat singing and folk melodies from Altay

Tandalai - is the unique singer from Ust-Kanskogo area of Altai republic
with a voice of surprising force and beauty, a range in five octaves. In her
repertoir there are ceremonial songs of Mountain Altay people, along with
imitation of sounds of the animals and birds. She also plays on the big
range of tuvian national instruments: topshuur, khomus, igil, doshpuluur,
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GENDOS «Bay-Tayga»

GENDOS «Bay-Tayga»
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Throat SingingPodkolekce: Rock, Pop

Elektronics, folk-rock, Tyva , throat singing
Video MPEG4: "Changiz Terek"
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Albert Kuvezin and Yat-Kha - Poets And Lighthouses

Albert Kuvezin and Yat-Kha - Poets And Lighthouses
ID: SKMR110-2
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Throat SingingPodkolekce: Ethno

Ethno-rock-band Yat-Kha

Lyrics to tracks 2, 4, 6 and 9 taken from "Post-War Japanese Poetry", Penguin Books, 1972.

Recorded, arranged and produced at Sound Of Jura Studio and on location on the Isle Of Jura, Scotland.
Mastered at Sound Mastering, London.

Voice [Lead], Acoustic Guitar - Albert Kuvezin
Backing Vocals - Melanie Pappenheim
Marimbula, Double Bass, Bass Harmonica - Simon Edwards
Percussion, Bells, Piano, Baglama, Backing Vocals - Giles Perring
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet - Sarah Homer
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Boyduska Yorel - Olchey

Boyduska Yorel - Olchey
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Ethno

Ethno-electronica / Tuva Beat
Ayan-Ool Sam - throat singing (2,3,4,5,6), piano (7), igil (1,6,7)-( is a two-stringed Tuvan musical instrument), doshpulur (3) - (is a Tuvan "banjo")
Gregory Beletsky - throat singing (2,3,6)
Sholbana Dendzyn music (5)

Tuvan traditional music has won itself a special place in the music world. First of all, it is characterized by highly developed art of overtone singing. It is easy to see the relation of it to overtone singing used in Tibetan Buddhism, while some scholars point that this manner of sound creation dates back to the first attempts of mankind to speak. It is these attempts that have become extinct in most of the world but still live on as geographically limited heritage, which has only regained its legacy in the past few years.

Overtone singing was a symbol of Tuvan identity from the first half of 20th century at the very latest. But Tuvans boast not only the widespread ability to overtone-sing. It is also a highly developed art which includes at least 3 major genres (sygyt, khoomei, and kargyraa) and several common subgenres, as well as popular personal styles that become nationally popular due to the modern media like tapes or radio waves, that confer every new development of this art onto the nomadic farmers or local artists throughout the mountainous republic much faster than a celebrated singer is able himself.
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Opycham - New - new - age.om

Opycham - New - new - age.om
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Throat SingingPodkolekce: Ethno

World anbient folk folk rock hang drum indie folk new age russian folk throat singing traditional ethno world music yat-kha Russian Federation

"New-age.Om" - the result many years of drummer and percussionist group Yat-Kha Evgeny Tkachev (Opycham), known as well as Rasputin. The album was recorded in Tuva, in a secluded old believers village, on the bank Yenisei River, and also on a long journey through the world. Combining the three thematic album "Stihi", "Mantra" and "Upper monastery", the album reflects the cultural traditions of various world religions - Russian Old Believers, Buddhism and Shamanism, and above these religions the main line comes the theme of unity between man and nature. Symbolic primacy of nature presented in the form of various sound samples, as rain, fire, the sounds of birds and insects, a stream.
released September 1, 2015

...for work alive remains a low
Humanity makes robots ...

Participated in the recording: Maria Ahpasheva (vocals) Georgiy Tkachev (cello) Opycham (vocals, percussion, dzhumbush, guitar) The sounds of nature village Erzhey
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Belek: Choduraa Tumat - The Gift - Throat singing by Tuvan woman

Belek: Choduraa Tumat - The Gift - Throat singing by Tuvan woman
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Throat SingingPodkolekce: Ethno

Throat singing by Tuvan women
As the title suggests, this album is Choduraa`s “gift” for her listeners as well as an expression of her own musical gift. Andwhat agiftitis! Her vocal range is astonishing. She slips with ease between the glottal gymnastic of throat-singing to the plaintive tones of a lullaby or love song, and the ritual imitative calls of animal husbandry. Her instrumental ability is equally impressive as she conjures up the taiga and steppes of Tyva with the igil fiddle or khomus lute and sings of
Her love with the demir khomus jew’s harp/ she shines as a beacon for women - in Tyva and worldwide - for having the strength to break the traditional genbder taboo and perform khoomi, and for standing up to be counted among the wonderful musicians of Tyva”.

Dr Carole Legy - Director of “Inner Asian music”, UK; Senior Researcher at the University of Cambridge, England.

Choduraa Tumat is one of the brightest personalities among the younger generation of Tyvan musicians. She has a wide range of performing abilities. Apart from being a good instrumentalist, playing many instrumentals, Choduraa performs both khoomei and folksongs. Many of Choduraa’s songs have already become popular among Tyvans. It took great creative audacity to step over the frontiers of the traditional idea of khoomei being the prerogative of men. Choduraa Tumat as also the leader of the unique all-women throst-singing group “Tyva Kyzy” (Daughters of Tyva)

Valentina Yuryevna Susukey - (Candidate of Arts, member of the Union of composers of the Rassian Federation, Renowned scientist of the republic of Tyva, scientific secretary of the Tyvan Institute of the Humanitarian Research)
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FolkBeat RF - In mixt

FolkBeat RF - In mixt
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Throat SingingPodkolekce: Ethno

Electronic world beatbox folk rock hang drum throat singing traditional ethno traditional russian songs world music Russian Federation

FolkBeat RF is the experimental music project from Moscow. With such a responsive and clever ethnographic approach 4 young girls actualize russian traditional folk songs combining them with the pop-music timbral and rhythmical idioms (with the beatbox technique and loop station) including hip-hop, drum'n'bass, jungle & punk rock. In the album «IN MIXT» are presented folk songs from different regions of Russia and the songs written by the group FolkBeat RF.

FolkBeat RF - это традиционное славянское многоголосие, окруженное электронной аранжировкой, близкой к стилям IDM, trip-hop, dubstep, hip-hop, trance, и живым грувом, который создает Beatbox. В альбоме «IN MIXT» представлены песни разных времен и разных регионов России, древние и современные, фольклорные и авторские произведения группы FolkBeat RF.

released December 9, 2014

Svetlana Ivanova (vocals)
Maria Zibrova (vocals)
Svetlana Shestopalova (vocals)
Alyona Minulina (vocals, beatbox, arrangement)
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