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The Celestine Suite - For Flute and Orchestra - Andrea Ceccomori, flute

The Celestine Suite - For Flute and Orchestra - Andrea Ceccomori, flute-Flute
ID: ARNR1098 (EAN: 8015297109802)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 1999
Dal informace:

Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, Conductor: Antonio Rossi

This tribute, inspired by James Redfield's bestseller, The Celestine Prophecy, comprises ten movements featuring Andrea Ceccomori on flute, supported by the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina.

The beautiful melodies are hauntingly romantic, evoking the intimate and mysterious soul of Gaia.
Lyrical flute lines are delicately woven into warm orchestral textures whose variations flow, soar and spiral until they reach heights of passion and majesty.
A feeling of deep emotional tranquillity pervades, like a stream which tumbles and cascades through virgin forests without ever losing, for a moment, its sense of flow or purpose; as if the little stream already knew the ocean that awaits it.

The energy behind the creation of this work guides us gently back to a compassionate space where we may once again breathe freely in the remembrance of our own primordial nature.
1. I Movement: Andante3:48 
2. II Movement: Andante con moto4:00 
3. III Movement: Andante5:26 
4. IV Movement : Andante mosso8:20 
5. V Movement: Adagio4:05 
6. VI Movement:Andante mosso5:13 
7. VII Movement: Adagio sostenuto3:45 
8. VIII Movement: Andante3:18 
9. IX Movement: Allegro5:50 
10. X Movement: Andante4:29 


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