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Lev Evgrafov Plays Cello Works by B.Marcello & F. Veracini: Early and virtuosic music of Italy

Lev Evgrafov Plays Cello Works by B.Marcello & F. Veracini:  Early and virtuosic music of  Italy-Piano, Violin and Cello-Russian Cello School
ID: RCD13015 (EAN: 4600383130156)  | 1 CD | ADD
Publi: 2021
Russian Compact Disc
Russian Cello School
Piano, Violin and Cello
MARCELLO, Benedetto | VERACINI, Francesco Maria
BAKHCHIEV, Alexander (harpsichord) | EVGRAFOV, Lev (cello / ) | IOSIOVICH, Leonora (piano) | RUDIN, Alexander | SNITKOVSKY, Semyon (violin)
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The instrumental works of Italian composers of the 18th century are attractive to contemporary audiences due to their unique and artistic qualities; exceptional authenticity and simple melodies, the delicacy of rhythm and the vibrancy of the aural palette. When combined with a clear and well-constructed form, with a masterful use of cantilena and the virtuosic possibilities of bowed string instruments, the violin and cello works of Italian composers of that period present themselves as a veritable treasure trove of world instrumental classics.

Professor Lev Borisovich Evgrafov (1934-2021). His playing was marked by great liveliness, virtuosity, subtle sense of style and deep musical erudition.

Recorded on October 21, 1979 from a concert at the Concert Hall of the Gnessin State Music and Pedagogical Institute, Moscow.
Alexander Tomas: music editor, sound engineer-mix, remastering
MARCELLO, Benedetto (1686-1739) 
Six Sonatas for Cello and Basso Continuo Op. 1 
Sonata No. 1 in F-Major, Op. 1 
1. I. Largo3:32 
2. II. Allegro2:07 
3. III. Largo1:16 
4. IV. Allegro1:22 
Sonata No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 1 
5. I. Largo3:03 
6. II. Allegro1:38 
7. IV. Largo1:51 
8. V. Andante1:56 
Sonata No. 3 in A Minor, Op. 1 
9. I. Adagio2:13 
10. II. Allegro1:39 
11. III. Largo1:42 
12. IV. Allegro1:19 
Sonata No. 4 in G Minor, Op. 1 
13. I. Adagio2:03 
14. II. Allegro1:53 
15. III. Largo1:37 
16. IV. Allegro1:11 
Sonata No. 5 in C Major, Op. 1 
17. I. Adagio1:59 
18. II. Allegro1:50 
19. III. Largo1:31 
20. IV. Allegro1:17 
Sonata No. 6 in G Major, Op. 1 
21. I. Largo2:18 
22. II. Allegro1:28 
23. III. Largo2:13 
24. IV. Allegro1:18 
Lev Evgrafov, cello / Alexander Bakhchiev, harpsichord / Alexander Rudin, cello continuo 
VERACINI, Francesco Maria (1690-1768) 
Two Sonatas for Violin, or Flute solo and Basso Continuo 
Sonata No. 7 in C Minor 
25. I. Larghetto2:26 
26. II. Allegro3:04 
27. III. Largo1:59 
28. IV. Allegro2:50 
Sonata No. 9 in G Minor 
29. I. Cantabile3:39 
30. II. Andante3:50 
31. III. Adagio2:01 
32. IV. Allegro ma affetuoso2:47 
Lev Evgrafov, cello continuo / Semyon Snitkovsky, violin / Leonora Iosiovich, piano 
Live recording on October 21, 1979. 
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